The Rancocas Creek Watershed is approximately 360 square miles located in Burlington County, New Jersey.

Since our inception in 1989, the Rancocas Conservancy has promoted the preservation and protection of the Rancocas Creek Watershed, through land acquisition and environmental education.  To date over 1000 acres have been preserved within the watershed for open space, recreation, and future generations.


Our Mission

To preserve, protect and enhance the ecological and cultural integrity of the Rancocas Creek Watershed.

Our goals:

  • To act as a Land Trust for the Rancocas Creek watershed. Accepting donations of land and conservation easements, acquiring land deemed suitable for permanent protection, and for transferring land to other entities for appropriate conservation management

  • To propose, advocate and carry out cooperative conservation strategies among the citizenry, public and private sectors in the Rancocas Creek watershed.

  • To educate the public about the ecological and cultural heritage of the Rancocas Creek watershed.

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